Treatment Methods

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ALTERM is an Australian owned Marine Grade Aluminium Product which has two applications.

  • Damp-Proof Course AS 2904 1995
  • Termite Barrier AS 3660.1 2000 Sect 1.3

With it’s two in one application, the ALTERM system is both multi-purpose and very cost effective. Aluminium damp course has been used in Australia for 70 years. ALTERM developed the parging glue to adhere the aluminium barrier to masonry surfaces so it could perform the function of a termite barrier.

The Architect or Designer

  • ALTERM can accommodate the creative designs of architects without compromising effectiveness.
  • ALTERM system is readily visible for inspection during the buildings construction.
  • ALTERM system is available throughout Australia.
  • ALTERM is easy to draw minimising “clouded” detail on footing design.

The Builder

  • Offers 2 in 1 application – Termite Barrier & Damp course
  • Approved Ant Shield in AS 3660.1 2000 for bearers and joist applications.
  • Minimal disruption during the building program.
  • Suited and adaptable to most building structures.

The Home Owner

  • ALTERM is “chemical free”.
  • Consumer warranty is provided.
  • Independently Tested and proven effectiveness.

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We had a Termite Inspection & Cockroach Treatment on Monday and I just wanted to email you and let you know that your operator was great. It's not often that you get great customer service these days, so I thought I'd email you and let you know that he did a great job and went out of his way to be helpful and informative. Thank you.