Flea Control Perth

At Bug Busters, we provide pest inspections and flea pest control treatments for residential and commercial properties, including end of lease flea control treatments, right here in Perth. There are over 2,000 species of fleas known in the world. The most common of these is the cat flea. Although its name indicates its general preference, this flea is highly adaptable and will just as easily live on dogs.

Fleas will bite humans when they are in need of the rich protein source given by our blood, this is usually necessary for egg production. They have a lifespan of approximately 21 days, yet, in this time they can lay over 700 eggs. The larvae of the flea will cocoon after two weeks of hatching; however, flea pupates can remain in a state of hibernation for up to a year until the presence of a potential host is felt.

Fleas can be responsible for the outbreak of allergenic reactions, skin reactions, blood borne diseases and the spread of tape worm when transferring from one host to the other.

Flea Treatments

There are various, simple ways to treat fleas around your home, depending on the severity of your flea issue. Fleas can be readily controlled provided you follow a few simple steps.

  • If you have a pet, get advice from your vet for the most suitable product to kill fleas.
  • To completely manage the outbreak, it is important to treat your pet, its bedding, and your house at the same time. Your efforts will be wasted if you only focus on 1 or 2 areas where fleas may live.
  • Wash your pet’s bedding weekly in hot water with a pet wash product that includes a pesticide to kill fleas.

However, fleas are very persistent, and you may need more than 1 pesticide treatment for a severe outbreak. There are many pesticides registered for flea control. Our pest management technicians will use one of the lower strength pesticides available which contains:

  • A pyrethroid, such as deltamethrin, permethrin or tetramethrin.
  • An insect growth regulator to stop eggs developing into adult fleas, such as methoprene, triflumuron or fenoxycarb.
  • In severe cases, we can repeat the spray in 10 to 14 days. The initial spray will kill adult fleas while the second spray will kill developing fleas that survived the first application.

If you are currently renting and require an end of lease treatment for your Perth home or business, or if you are simply in need of a flea pest control solution, Bug Busters can help. For more information about our flea pest control treatments or to book an inspection in Perth, contact our friendly team at Bug Busters today.