Bed Bugs Perth 

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that feed on human blood by piercing the skin. In order to eliminate bed bugs from your home, a thorough inspection and a combination of heat and chemical treatments are required. Bug Busters’ pest management technicians are trained and experienced in the detection and eradication of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are not known to be carriers of disease, but their bites can be painful and skin rashes and allergic reactions can develop. Interestingly, not everyone suffers these reactions and some people can remain completely unaware that they are being bitten. Generally, people are surprised to discover that bed bugs weren’t eradicated years ago and are horrified to find them in their home.

Once bed bugs have established themselves in a home, their eradication will almost certainly require the services of a professional pest control company. While hygiene and sanitation are significant factors in controlling other pests, bed bugs aren’t fussy and will happily infest the cleanest of houses. Avoid bringing second hand bedroom furniture into your home and inspect luggage when returning from other accommodation. Residual surface sprays applied to the outside of luggage before travelling may prevent bedbugs from hitching a ride to your home.

How do I know if I have bed bugs? 

Bed bugs are pretty easy to identify. The information found above should help you determine whether or not you have them and whether you might require bed bug pest control. You may find you have small bite marks, usually on your legs, as well as blood spots on the sheets. It’s very common for bed bugs to be hiding in the corner of bed frames or under the thick cording on the edge of mattresses.