Timber Pest and Termite Inspections Perth, WA

When buying a home, it is essential to have a professional timber pest inspection carried out. 

When you consider that the purchase of a home is usually the single biggest investment a person makes in a lifetime, the protection of that investment is of considerable importance. Everyone has heard horror stories of houses falling down from damage caused by timber pests. In fact, termites cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage each year to properties in Australia. Buying a home that is infested with termites or timber pests will cost a lot of money to rectify and will make the cost of a pest inspection seem insignificant. See below for pre-purchase order form.

Comprehensive Home Pest & Termite Inspection Reports

A professional inspection could be all that is needed to save you from purchasing a home where timber pest and termite damage is already being done, saving you thousands of dollars.

When requesting an inspection, you should know what a thorough termite inspection involves, and have the knowledge to choose a company with suitably qualified operators that can provide a professional service and comprehensive home termite inspection report, in accordance with regulations and Australian standards.

To safeguard consumers, Australian Standards have compiled AS4349.3, which is the only recognised standard for pre-purchase inspections.

Somewhere between 1 to 2 hours should be spent inspecting the property, depending on the size, construction type and state of the property. All accessible areas should be inspected and reported, however, many houses are very difficult to inspect. Good access to all timbers in a house is needed to inspect for timber pest.

In addition to advising on the status of the property, a timber pest & termite inspection report should include areas that can’t be inspected and the potential risk from this. It should give relevant information on conditions that are conducive to timber pest attack and how to protect the property. Old damage, as well as any current activity should be recorded in the home inspection report and if active timber pests, such as termites, are found then they should be formally identified before any chemical treatment is applied.

A number of companies will only provide home inspection reports for termites and not borer or wood decay fungi. These pests may have a lower public profile than termites, but their damage potential is such that any inspection, which ignores them, is incomplete.