Birds are carriers of a variety of troublesome diseases and can often find themselves nesting in roof voids or occupying space on a business’ premise and presenting a number of health concerns and issues. So, if you have a bird problem, don’t hesitate to get help. Bug Busters provide a full range of Bird Control services including arranging cleaning and damage repair, no matter how small or how large the problem is. From licensed baiting to bird netting and physical barriers, we can tailor the most efficient means of control for your site.

Additional bird Control services include:

  • Licensed baiting
  • Physical barriers
  • Customised control programs for a full range feral bird species
  • Arrange cleaning and damage repair


Solar Panel Protection

Bug Busters offers cost effective bird proofing to solar panels around Perth. Give our team a call on 08 9493 1313 to discuss pricing.

We are the sole Australasian distributors for Bird Control Group products - Laser bird deterrent technology.

Bird Control Group develops innovative solutions to keep birds at a distance, ensuring a safer working environment and a highly effective way to prevent damage. Thorough testing and independent research institutes proved the advantages of the technology compared to traditional methods. The World Wildlife Fund has recognised their products for providing an effective, animal and environmentally friendly alternative for the industry.

Bird Control Group - Corporate Brochure Agrilaser Autonomic - Information

Bird Netting Installation Solutions

At Bug Busters, we provide comprehensive orchard bird netting installation solutions to ensure the protection of your crop. Our experienced team provides a full-service, supply and installation of bird netting for your fruit trees, no matter how big or small your requirement is. So, whether you’re after bird netting installation for a few trees or a whole orchard, we’ve got you covered.

Bug Busters provides bespoke bird management solutions for the following sectors: Aviation, Agriculture, Defence, Commercial, Security, Marine & Subsea and Oil & Gas markets.