The most trusted name in hospital pest control

Over the last five years, we have worked tirelessly to become the leading providers of pest control for hospitals and medical facilities in Western Australia. This commitment to excellence has seen us win several competitive hospital contracts including the new Perth Children’s Hospital, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Osborne Park Hospital, Graylands Hospital, King Edward Memorial Hospital, Hollywood Private Hospital, St John of God complexes, 40 hospitals in the Wheatbelt and 30 hospitals in the South West. Our agile systems and modern technology allows us to deliver paperless and efficient pest control services within hospitals and medical sites which our staff and clients have come to love.

We carry out routine pest control, inspections and reporting across all of our hospitals which includes weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, six-monthly and yearly services. This equates to over 500 periodical hospital pest control jobs per year and over 4,000 assets within these hospitals that require regular servicing and reporting. We also have systems in place to plan for pest control in sensitive areas like the maximum-security wing at Graylands Hospital. This involves coordinating with hospital staff and moving inmates within the wing to different areas so that pest control services can be carried out.

Our experience in pest control across a range of hospitals in Perth and WA has given us invaluable insight and has been instrumental to our continued business success. With each new hospital we service, we improve upon our practices and implement the best safety and reporting software to keep hospital auditors happy and maintain the high level of service you’ve come to expect from Bug Busters. This commitment to continually improving our business has helped us secure many more hospitals and medical facilities. Our systems are constantly improving as the requirements for public hospitals are a lot more demanding than private hospitals, and we endeavour to keep impressing our clients week in, week out.

Advanced Pest Control Monitoring

One of the key features we can offer large complex sites like hospitals with strict reporting requirements and many serviceable assets is our QR code scanning and reporting technology. Gone are the days of manually signing and dating a sticker on a rodent station, saving us time and allowing us to focus on the problem at hand.


  • Transparency – Through an app, clients can access a complete google image view of their sites with each rodent station “geo-stamped” (accurate within 1m) and individually marked on the map.
  • Visibility – Our technicians know the location of every serviceable asset on a site.
  • Comprehensive monitoring – Every time we service the stations the code is scanned, the location is updated, and the status of the station is reported on like bait condition and percentage of bait consumed.
  • Rodent heat maps – We can provide “heat-maps” of where rodent pressure is strongest.
  • Client reporting – Clients can take a photo of the QR code and can view the station details and report an issue online themselves.
  • Augmented Reality – Our technicians can find where the stations are located as they can see them through their phone camera in augmented reality.


This system has streamlined our asset servicing (rodent stations, termite stations, U/V fly control units) by automatically completing digital maintenance or inspection forms against all existing assets. This ensures a methodical job where nothing is missed.

On larger sites, locating each asset and ensuring we’ve completed a check on every asset on site can be time consuming. In addition to the bird's eye view map of asset locations, we can scan one asset's QR Code to view and locate all others on site in Augmented Reality through the camera.

Bug Busters can apply this same methodology to any asset that needs servicing or reporting.