Possum Treatment & Removal

Like all other native animals, possums are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975. They must not be harmed in any way or retained without an authority from the Dept. of Conservation and Environment.

Under natural conditions, the Common Brushtail Possum makes its den in a tree hollow. In urban areas, the lack of trees means it often adopts the space in accessible house roofs. The Common Ringtail Possum usually builds a nest of dry twigs and leaves in dense foliage a few metres above the ground and seldom enters roof areas.

The Brushtail has a single young born in autumn or spring. It spends 5-6 months developing in the pouch, 1-2 months on its mother’s back until weaned and leaves the den at 7-16 months.

The Ringtail has 1-3 young during autumn or winter. They leave the pouch after 4 months and spend another 2 months either in the nest or carried on the mother’s back until weaned.