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Case Studies

How can we Help?

Bird Control

Henderson Transfer Facility

Bug Busters were tasked with solving a unique and widespread bird problem at a waste transfer facility in Perth. No food or household waste was dumped at this site yet there was an almost habitual problem with a range of different bird species.

The birds were happy walking around picking through rubbish with 40-tonne equipment moving around within metres of them. Culling was not an option at this site due to the species of birds being native. A range of different deterrent methods were tried, from loud gas cannons to real birds of prey. Nothing really had a good enough result.

As Bug Busters is the Australasian exclusive distributor and support partner for the Agrilaser Autonomic technology, we were contacted to try out some of the laser technology at the site. We set up our strongest mounted laser and programmed it to do sweeps of the ground. The laser beam annoys the birds and deters them from standing around. The result was immediate on the smaller birds, bigger birds like the Pelicans were a lot more stubborn, we are continuing on methods to further reduce the number of birds at this site... 

Termite Feeding Stations

Hollywood Hospital

Hollywood Hospital is a site that was having wide spread termite issues due to the structures being built with timber sub-floors and limited access points for thorough termite inspections.

Bug Busters explored several options with management until we came up with a solution that ticked all the boxes.

We installed over 500 Sentricon termite feeding stations to the grounds in and around the hospital. These get inspected annually and have a pre-baited rod inside them. It’s a new system and if managed correctly can control and keep large sites termite free. Termite feeding stations start killing off a colony as soon as they start consuming the bait. We control the inspections of the termite feeding stations with a smart barcode scanning/auditing/reporting system. The termite feeding stations were all “Geo-stamped” when they were installed so our techs can easily find them, scan them and report on their status. We can provide "heat maps" of termite hot spots throughout the grounds, this gives us and the client a very useful visual tool for seeing where the majority of the activity is happening. This keeps the hospital auditors very happy.

Bird Netting

BOC Gas Malaga

BOC were having massive issues with pigeons both in the open style warehouse and also with them accessing the roof space and nesting and defecating throughout.

This was a rather tricky site to net as the warehouse couldn't easily be cleared of its stock and the gas bottles were restricting use of a scissor lift.

We came up with a solution that offered minimal disruption to the operation of their business. We started with culling and bird proofing to several areas around the building before we started removing the suspended ceiling panels inside the main office for cleaning, disinfecting and deodorising the ceiling space. 

Once the office was clean and the external access points covered we started the netting process. This job took several days to complete. It was a complex netting job with columns and roller doors all affecting our approach. The client was very happy with the result and the building remains free of pigeons.

What our Clients say

We had an appointment scheduled very quickly and easily with Bug Busters. Aaron was on time and a true professional. He was knowledgable, open, and explained the whole process easily and clearly. Gave us a guarantee that our problems would be solved and if there were any future issues he would attend to them himself with the utmost expedience. Aaron was a real pleasure to work with and i feel significantly more comfortable after working with him. Would recommend their services to anyone who needed them.

Chey Bowers

I found the young man named Deryn who came to deal with our rodent problem to be extremely polite, personable and knowledgeable. He was on time and friendly and knew a lot about the behaviours of the rat species. I would highly recommend Bug busters and will definately them for future pest problems when they arise.

Sarah Garrett

Bugbusters installed termite traps around my house and shed many years ago. Every 3 months the traps are inspected for any termite activity. At intervals the house, ceiling and shed are are checked for termites. They have also dealt with wasp infestations and put rat baits in the ceiling.. Their operatives have always been helpful and friendly. I would recommend Bugbusters to anyone.

Margo Beilby

I have used Bug Busters on a number of occassions over the last 15 years. The last time only a few days ago.. Derryn was absolutely client focussed; professional; neat and cleaned up impeccably my jarrah floors that had just been re varnished. I have no hesitation to recommend this company.. Five stars from me. Paul Vic Park.

Paul Fernandez

Staff friendly and courteous and provide excellent customer service. Contractors efficient and knowledgeable and are always willing to provide extra assistance when required. Highly recommend this company for residential and commercial pest treatments.

Peta Santella