Commercial Pest Control Services

Bug Busters offers tailored commercial pest treatments for all of Perth's common pests. Our commercial services include:

  • Ant control

  • Bed bug extermination

  • Bee control

  • Biocontrol

  • Bird control

  • Borer treatment control

  • Cockroach extermination

  • Fabric pest treatments

  • Flea treatments

  • Fox trapping and control

  • Mosquito treatment and control

  • Mite treatment and control

  • Moth treatment and removal

  • Possum control

  • Pre-purchase pest inspections

  • Rodent control

  • Spider control

  • Termite control and termite inspections

  • Wasp control

  • End of lease flea treatments

Commercial Properties We Service

Property Maintenance Groups

If you're in the property management business, chances are, your main focus is keeping your tenants happy while keeping your buildings in top shape.

Whether you manage multi-family apartment buildings, offices, or industrial units, dealing with a pest infestation is the last thing you need.

Fortunately, Bug Busters is here to take the headache out of your pest management problems. Our tailored pest management solutions help eliminate pests on behalf of property maintenance groups across Perth through our strict standards and advanced reporting requirements.

We understand the need to keep both landlords and tenants happy—and that means immediate action to keep your property pest-free for an affordable price. Contact Bug Busters today for all of your commercial pest control needs!

Food Processing And Manufacturing Plants

Whether you're a large food processing plant or an artisan specialist, a pest infestation can be a recipe for disaster.

Bug Busters understands the importance of sanitation and hygiene when it comes to food manufacturing. Our extensive training ensures all of our pest solutions adhere to Foodsafe and HACCP-based Food Safety Programmes.

By following the Australian & New Zealand Code of Practice (Pest Management in the Food Industry), our tailored pest management solutions help your business meet robust legislation requirements. At the same time, our transparent reporting system gives you everything you need to support audits and prove compliance.

If you're in the food business, contact Bug Busters today and keep the cockroaches from your kitchens!


When you're running an educational institution, students and staff come first—and that means providing safe, clean learning environments at all times. While you’re undoubtedly used to dealing with a few surprises each day, an unexpected pest problem can quickly lead to huge cleaning and repair costs—especially if left untreated. 

Bug Busters works with educational institutions across Perth, providing advanced tools to monitor and report on any issues, safeguard every serviceable asset on your site, and act fast as soon as a pest problem arises.

To put the safety of your students, staff, and visitors first, our pest control experts are trained in the safe use of pesticides and bait stations in schools and will work with you on a tailored plan that fits your school's unique needs.

Give Bug Busters a call today for an effective solution against Perth’s common pest problems.


Bug Busters has worked tirelessly to become the leading pest control service for hospitals and medical facilities in Western Australia. 

Our commitment to excellence has seen us win several competitive hospital contracts, including:

  • Perth Children’s Hospital

  • Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

  • Osborne Park Hospital, Graylands Hospital

  • King Edward Memorial Hospital

  • Hollywood Private Hospital

  • St John of God complexes

  • 40 hospitals in the Wheatbelt 

  • 30 hospitals in the South West.

Across all of our hospitals—which includes weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, six-monthly, and yearly services—we service over 500 hospital jobs per year (and over 4,000 assets within these hospitals).

We have systems in place for sensitive and maximum-security areas, for example, coordinating with hospital staff and moving patients or inmates within particular wings to different areas so that pest control services can be carried out.

Our agile, technology-driven systems allow us to deliver an efficient, paperless pest control service. With each new hospital we service, we improve upon our practices to keep hospital auditors happy and maintain the high level of service you’ve come to expect from Bug Busters.

Hotels and Hospitality

When you’re running a hotel business, it’s not just your customers that are looking for a bed and a bite to eat. 

From birds to bed bugs, roaches to rats, hotels are at risk from many pests, all of which can lead to disgusted customers, poor publicity, and expensive regulatory fines.

Bug Busters’ proactive treatment plans are designed to identify any pest-related hygiene threats to your premises before determining the most effective solution to remove them—and then stop them from coming back.

All of our technicians are fully licensed and up to speed with Foodsafe and HACCP-based Food Safety Programmes, ensuring a fast, safe, and effective solution to your pest problems.

If you’re looking for an effective pest control partner, contact Bug Busters today!

Service Guarantees

Flexible Tailored Solutions

No two businesses are alike, so a treatment plan for one property might not work for another.

All Bug Busters pest solutions are tailored to your business from day one. Whether you're looking for an ongoing, long-term partner or need a fast solution to an immediate problem, we’ll work with you to determine the best pest control plan for your individual requirements.

Dedicated Account Manager

When you see a pest, you need service immediately.

Bug Busters assigns you a dedicated account manager, making it easy to stay in close contact with a specialist who knows you, your business, and your property inside out.

With access to our advanced reporting tools, all of your treatment plan information stays accessible in one central place. This gives you and your account manager everything you need to track progress and optimise results—right there at your fingertips.

Competitive Rates

Don't get stung on pest control pricing!

We don't do lock-in contracts here at Bug Busters—just high value, competitive prices for every customer.

Once you contact us by phone or form, we will estimate the job with an obligation free quote—and no hidden costs. Once everyone's happy, our skilled technicians will act quickly to treat the problem, eradicating all pests and safeguarding against their return—so you stay pest free, for good!

Not Just A Contractor

Bug Busters isn't just your run of the mill contractor.

We've been operating as a family-owned pest control company since 1986 and owe that longevity to our focus on each customer's unique needs.

We know your business reputation is on the line, which is why we see our pest control services as an extension of your organisation. And we even offer to beat your current pest management plan on both price and service.

Why Choose Bug Busters As Your Commercial Pest Control Specialists?

Here at Bug Busters, we understand the importance of managing your pest control problems to maintain the health and safety of your staff and work environment.

Our technicians are fully licensed, insured, police cleared, and trained in the latest and safest methods of pest management—and you will also be covered by our industry-beating commercial pest control service guarantee.

We offer our commercial clients access to our QR code scanning and reporting technology, especially those with strict reporting requirements and many serviceable assets. Gone are the days of manually signing and dating a sticker on a rodent station, and instead, we can get your property treated faster, more effectively, and with the following benefits:

  • Transparency – Through an app, you can access a complete Google image view of your site, with each rodent station individually marked and geo-stamped (to within 1m accuracy).

  • Visibility – Our technicians know the location of every serviceable asset on a site.

  • Comprehensive monitoring – Every time we service a station, we scan the code to update its location and status, showing info like bait condition and percentage of bait consumed.

  • Rodent heat maps – We can provide “heat maps” of where rodent pressure is strongest.

  • Client reporting – Scan a QR code to view the station details and report an issue online directly to our team.

  • Augmented Reality – Our technicians can use their phone camera to find exactly where the stations are located.