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Looking out for nasties – How to identify the culprit after you’ve been bitten

13 Oct 2016

Living in Australia, we’ve all been the victim of pesky insect bites at various times from mosquito bites to the more painful bee sting. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at insect bites to help you identify the culprit when you’ve been bitten and the best treatments to follow.

What works: Safe pest control methods for your home or business

5 Oct 2016

When you find a pest problem in your home or business, you want it dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, you also need to be assured that the methods used by your pest control service are safe.

Shoo fly – How to control the summer fly plague

29 Sep 2016

With summer upon us comes the inevitable surge of flies. So what can you do to protect your home and business from a fly invasion this season?

Important health reasons to call pest control

21 Sep 2016

Pest infestation can not only be very irritating and damaging, but it can also cause a number of health issues for your family, pets and yourself. Pests can carry diseases, viruses, bacteria, cause skin irritations, affect breathing, and make your family very sick. Here we’ll discuss the some of the health issues that pests can […]

Spring is here – And so are the ants!

15 Sep 2016

Planning a picnic, BBQ or entertaining friends now that the sun has come out in Perth? Now that the warmer weather has set in, it’s inevitable that you’ll be seeing familiar trails of ants snacking on your crumbs or making a dash for the sweet drink spillages. Although ants do have an important role in […]

Do you recognise the early signs of spider infestation?

8 Sep 2016

Spiders are a creepy, crawly, hairy, beady-eyed pests that many people develop a severe distain for. Some spiders are harmless, others deadly, however all can become a pest in and around your home or business. Here are some of the important signs to watch out for so that you can identify when you’re nearing an […]

The Perth pests most dangerous to your pets

5 Sep 2016

If you’ve got a fury friend at home such as a cat, dog, bird, guinea pig or other pet, you’ll know that making sure their environment is pest-free is just as important as making sure your home is. Some pests can be very harmful and sometimes deadly to your pets, which is why careful and […]

How to control a bird problem at your commercial property

26 Aug 2016

Compared to other pests around the home, birds might not seem like much of a problem. After all, other than waking us up a bit too early, birds seem quite harmless. However, for businesses who find themselves on the receiving end of bird related issues, the damage caused can be serious. Today, we’ll be looking […]

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