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How to protect your home from termite damage

1 Feb 2017

If a termite problem goes unnoticed for too long, the sneaky creepy crawlies can cause serious damage to the structures of your property, threatening both your safety and your wallet!

Perth’s most common kitchen pests

25 Jan 2017

When unwelcome insects or rodents take a liking to your home or commercial property, your kitchen can soon turn from a standard cooking area into a bug-based feeding ground.

What to do if your pet brings in fleas

18 Jan 2017

Fleas are the last thing on the wish list of Perth’s pet owners this summer. These small, itch-inducing pests are not only detrimental to the health of our furry friends, but they can also prove pretty irritating for humans too.

Avoiding bites this spider season

11 Jan 2017

The sun is out and so are the spiders! Whilst spiders don’t tend to act unless provoked, the critters can get nasty if they decide to take a bite.

Protecting your home against fabric pests

4 Jan 2017

Although harmless to humans, clothes moths and carpet beetles can become a real nuisance if they get their claws on your favourite items of clothing.

Secretive silverfish and how to prevent them

28 Dec 2016

Dubbed the ‘secret agent’ of household pests, silverfish are one of the sneakier insects you might find lurking around your Perth home or workplace during this warmer time of year.

Safeguarding against spiders

21 Dec 2016

Although spiders play an important role in keeping other creepy crawlies at bay, they can soon become unwelcome guests themselves if they decide to make their home in your Perth property.

Bee on the lookout for the black and yellow army this summer

14 Dec 2016

The flowers are in bloom and the black and yellow Perth pest army is back in force. Bees are excellent at helping keep your garden alive by delivering pollen from flower to flower. However, when they have a hive near the home they’re not always a met with such enthusiasm.

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