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How to rid your home of rodents

8 Feb 2017

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When a rodent moves into your Perth property, stolen food could be the least of your worries. If you don’t catch a rodent problem early enough, rats can cause serious damage to your home and the items inside it. If you’ve spotted signs of a rodent infestation this summer, it could be time to call your local Perth pest control experts to help rid your home of the troublesome pests!

Rodent Damage:

As well as creating a noise nuisance, rats can cause extensive damage to your Perth property once they’ve found their way inside your house. The rascal rodents have been known to chew through electrical wires and puncture pipes, causing household fires and floods as a result of their gnaw-ty antics. In addition to housing pests like lice and fleas in their fur, feral rats can also carry diseases such as rat bite fever and leptospirosis, meaning they could cause some serious contamination if they get their claws on your food!

At-home Rodent Control Methods:

As with most pest infestations, the easiest way to avoid a rodent problem is to prevent rats from entering your property in the first place! You can reduce the chances of a rodent infestation in your Perth home by taking some of the following steps:

  • Seal up entry points: Rats are experts climbers and can squeeze into your house through the smallest of spaces. Fixing any holes or cracks in the walls of your property will prevent rodents from moving in without invitation.
  • Keep it clean: Cleaning up food waste and other debris will remove any potential food sources, making your home far less appealing to any rodents considering making an unwelcome entry.
  • Maintain a tidy garden: By keeping your garden clear of wood piles, tree cuttings and other potential shelters, you reduce the chances of rodents setting up home near your property.
  • Repair damaged pipes: Rats like to nest near a ready supply of water, so you need to make sure you fix any damaged drains before you’re left with an unwanted infestation! 

Professional Rodent Removal

If your at-home rodent control methods have fallen short, you may need to call a professional rodent removal service to rid your home of unwelcome guests. Rats are pretty rapid breeders, so dealing with the problem early will help prevent any long-lasting damage to your Perth property. At Bug Busters, we offer pest control solutions for any of your rodent or insect problems across Perth. Our experienced technicians are trained in the use of safe and effective pest control methods and will help keep your home a rodent-free zone. 

If you require a rodent removal service, call Bug Busters today on 08 9493 1313 or fill out our online enquiry form to arrange an inspection.