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A quick guide to Perth’s common Autumn pests

29 Mar 2017

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Perth’s short-lived summer has come to an end, which only means one thing for lucky Australians – out with the sun, out with the pests. Right? Wrong! Much like humans, Perth’s pests seek two things during Autumn and Winter – warmth and shelter. Unfortunately for Perth homeowners, this means houses become an attractive living space for Perth’s most common critters during the colder months. If you’re struggling with a bug problem this Autumn, the pest control experts at Bug Busters in Osborne park can advise you on ways to rid your home of Perth’s common Autumn pests. 

Perth’s common Autumn pests

RodentsMuch like humans, rats and mice tend to migrate inside throughout the Autumn and Winter months. Rodents are big fans of warmth and shelter, so insulated household spaces such as roofs offer an ideal nesting ground for our four-legged friends. Aside from their noisy nocturnal antics, rodents can cause serious problems for Perth homeowners. Along with stealing and contaminating food, these Autumn pests have been known to cause serious incidents such as household fires as a result of their gnawing tendencies. Rodents are also fairly rapid breeders, so if you suspect a family of rats has moved in, you’ll need to organise rodent control with your local Perth pest experts as soon as possible.

CockroachesYou thought you were finally rid of these common critters, but cockroaches are actually pretty prevalent pests all year round. Like rodents, roaches opt for places that offer warmth, food and shelter when it comes to selecting their new home. Although cockroaches have a fairly short life cycle, they are pretty resilient pests and can breed fairly rapidly, so you may want to seek professional cockroach control if you come across these troublesome critters.

FleasWhilst the colder weather may be less favourable for these household pests, the warmth of your Perth home can still accommodate fleas in Autumn (especially with Perth’s moderate Autumn temperatures). You can usually avoid flea infestations by regularly vacuuming carpets and checking your pets for unwanted ‘clingers’. However, if you have spotted a potential flea infestation, it’s always better to call Perth’s pest control experts to remove the bugs safely.

Bed BugsBed bugs are another common pest that crop up all year round providing they find the right conditions for survival. These bed parasites commonly hide in bedding, clothing and furniture, and are known to leave their unfortunate hosts with some pretty nasty bites (as per the common saying). Regularly cleaning bedding and carpets will generally keep the biting bugs at bay. However, bed bugs are pretty hard to get rid of once they’ve already infested; so if you do find any bugs in your bed, you should call your local pest control experts to deal with the bed bugs effectively.

Call in the experts

If you’ve spotted a pest infestation in your Perth home or business this Autumn, your local pest control experts will be able to remove the problem safely and efficiently. Bug Busters in Osborne Park offer pest and rodent control services to homeowners and commercial businesses throughout the Perth metro area. No matter how big (or small) your problem, we can help keep your home and business free from Perth’s common Autumn pests.

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