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Perth’s most common kitchen pests

25 Jan 2017

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When unwelcome insects or rodents take a liking to your home or commercial property, your kitchen can soon turn from a standard cooking area into a bug-based feeding ground. Whilst a serious issue for homeowners, pest-infested kitchens can be a real nightmare for Perth-based restaurants required to undergo regular food safety inspections. If you’ve noticed any resident bugs or rodents in your Perth home or commercial kitchen, you’ll need to start thinking about pest control before the situation gets out of hand.

What’s cooking: why pests love the kitchen

Kitchens are a popular hot-spot for Perth’s common household pests. With a ready supply of forgotten food crumbs and potential water sources, kitchens house all the ingredients a pest needs for survival (including warmth). If a family of insects or rodents moves into your kitchen, they can easily contaminate food. For restaurant and commercial businesses, this can lead to unwanted costs, food waste and loss of customers (especially if the issue isn’t discovered in time!).

Common kitchen pests

  • Ants — Ants are a common suspect when it comes to stealing leftover food. Once an ant has detected a food source, it will release a chemical called a pheromone to direct its colony to the same location. This means that one ant can turn into an entire family of ants within a matter of minutes!
  • Cockroaches —Cockroaches love warm temperatures and will often take shelter close to food and water sources. You can often find these critters hiding in cracks and crevices in your kitchen worktops, waiting to collect up food crumbs and other tasty bites.
  • Mice and rats —Mice and rats are also big fans of warmth and food. They will often seek out garbage, food scraps and will even eat your pet’s meal! As well as stealing food, feral rats and mice can actually carry diseases, so you’ll want to deal with any rodent problems straight away.

At-home pest prevention

It may sound simple, but the most effective way of preventing pest problems in your Perth home or business is to maintain a tidy kitchen. Emptying bins regularly, removing spillages and cleaning kitchen surfaces will help remove potential food sources, making your home far less attractive to unwelcome guests. Keeping any crevices sealed and installing tight-fitted windows will also help prevent creepy crawlies from entering your home in the first place. Any pet owners in Perth should also regularly clean their pet’s food bowl to ensure that their furry friends don’t come across any nasty surprises whilst eating dinner!

Time to call the experts

If you’re experiencing insect or rodent problems in your household or commercial kitchen, you’ll need to contact Perth’s pest control experts to remove the infestation and prevent further contamination. At Perth-based Bug Busters, our trained technicians offer safe and effective pest control treatments to help Perth home and business-owners maintain a clean, pest-free kitchen. 

If you’re got a pest problem, give us a call today on 08 9493 1313 or arrange an inspection via our online enquiry form.