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Five not so fun facts about cockroaches

15 Mar 2017

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Cockroaches may be familiar pests to Perth homeowners, but these creepy critters hold a few scary secrets that could come as a surprise to unsuspecting tenants. As the most resilient household pests out there, cockroaches are actually pretty hard to get rid of. Here’s five reasons why you may want to consider turning to Perth’s cockroach pest control experts if you’re unlucky enough to come across a cockroach infestation. Cockroach haters – look away now!

Cockroaches are survival experts

Don’t be expecting to get rid of cockroaches easily – their track record of survival is pretty impressive! Roaches have roamed the Earth for million of years, and could even be spotted walking around with the dinosaurs during the Jurassic Period. If you’ve seen Men in Black, you’ll know that cockroaches are pretty resilient pests. Whilst they can go over a month without food, cockroaches will eat pretty much anything they come across, including glue and leather. Rumour has it they can even survive a nuclear explosion….well not quite, but they can withstand high levels of radiation.

Cockroaches can live a week without their heads

If you didn’t find cockroaches creepy before, you may change your mind after this little fact. Roaches can live a whole week without their heads! The common pests  have tiny holes in the  each segment of their body, allowing them to breathe without using their  heads. Whilst they may not need their heads for oxygen, roaches do require their mouths for drinking, which is why the pests usually surrender after a week walking headless.

Cockroaches can trigger allergies

As if a cockroach infestation isn’t bad enough, roaches can trigger asthma and allergies amongst unlucky homeowners. Common allergens produced by the critters include cockroach saliva, shedding body parts and – yes, it does get worse – faeces. When picked up into the air, these allergens can provoke reactions amongst homeowners, causing sneezing, itchiness and watery eyes.

Some species of cockroach can fly

What’s worse than a crawling cockroach?  A flying cockroach of course! That’s right – certain species  including the Australian cockroach are capable of flying short distances. It’s not all bad – whilst cockroaches have wings, not all cockroaches can actually fly. In fact, most species only use their wings to stabilise themselves when jumping off high surfaces. You’re far more likely to find cockroaches running across the floor. Roaches are actually surprisingly good runners, with some of the critters clocking in at above three miles per hour.

Cockroaches can hold their breath for 40 minutes

Scientific studies have shown that cockroaches can hold their breath for long periods of time (up to 40 minutes according to  some studies). They do this by using their unique breathing system – the tiny air filled tubes we discussed earlier – to deliver oxygen to the cells in their body. Cockroaches will hold their breath to prevent respiratory water loss when they need to retain water, so flushing the pests down the toilet may not be an effective extermination method!

Call in the experts

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