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How to reduce the risk of a termite attack in your home

4 Aug 2016

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Some pests you find around the home are more of a nuisance than anything else and don’t cause too much damage. However, there are other pests which are downright destructive. And you can’t get much more destructive than termites. Today, we’ll be looking at simple steps you can take to reduce the risk of a termite infestation in your house.

Reduce timber around the house

Termites feed on timber and leaving timber around your house encourages them to come closer to the boundary of the property. People commonly stack firewood and excess wood from renovations against outside walls or under the house and this can create the perfect entry point. Even timber retaining walls which are too close to the house can cause issues. Store any timber well away from the house so you don’t encourage termites.

Watch for moisture in the foundations

Termites like moist conditions so it’s important that you don’t let moisture accumulate in the foundations. You need to avoid the soil around the foundations becoming wet by diverting any water through proper downpipes and by conducting regular checks to make sure no water is leaking from the house into the foundations. Also check that your sprinklers aren’t making water pool hear too. Always ensure you have proper ventilation underneath your house to prevent a build-up of moisture.

Consider termite control when building a new home

If you’re building a new house, take the time to ensure that it’s designed to prevent termites. Check all stumps and trees on the property for signs of termites. If you find termites, make sure the tree or stump is removed from the property rather than buried on site. Make sure a termite barrier is installed during construction prior to the laying of a concrete slab or timber. Termite barriers also need to be installed after construction around the perimeter of the building.

Have regular inspections

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to termites and it’s important you have regular inspections by a pest control professional to check for any signs of termites. If you catch it early, it’s easier to treat and can mean minimal damage. The last thing you want to do is to leave it for years only to find that termites have caused significant damage. Even if you don’t have termites present during an inspection, you’ll be advised if you have conditions which might attract termites.

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