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How to control a bird problem at your commercial property

26 Aug 2016

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Compared to other pests around the home, birds might not seem like much of a problem. After all, other than waking us up a bit too early, birds seem quite harmless. However, for businesses who find themselves on the receiving end of bird related issues, the damage caused can be serious. Today, we’ll be looking at the damage that birds can cause businesses and what you can do to control it.

Damage and disease caused by birds

One of the main issues caused by birds is the disease-carrying droppings and nesting material they leave behind. Birds are carriers for a number of diseases and having their droppings around your business is not only unsightly, it’s also unhygienic. For businesses, there is the added pressure of the aesthetic problem that comes with droppings and other bird waste around the building.

Not only can birds cause hygiene issues, they can also cause significant damage. Birds cost Australian businesses millions of dollars in repairs due to damage to roofs, machinery, food products and ceilings. Bird droppings are acidic and can cause serious amounts of corrosion, especially in large quantities. The nesting materials left by birds also cause fires as well as blockages in guttering and pipes in the roof. There have also been reports of health issues caused by nesting material in ventilation systems.

Call the professionals

When you have a bird problem in your business, it’s always best to call on pest control experts to deal with the situation. They will be able to do a thorough inspection of your workplace to look for signs of damage as well as formulating a treatment solution. From licensed baiting to physical barriers, there are steps that can be taken to prevent birds causing damage to your business.

When choosing a pest control service for your bird problem, look for a company which also offers cleaning services. Site clean-up needs to occur to ensure your business meets cleanliness requirements and to ensure worker safety, given the diseases which can be spread through bird waste. Cleaning the site has the added bonus of removing bird-related odours which reduces the birds’ desire to return to the area. Finally, a thorough cleaning gives an improved public image and means you don’t need to contend with droppings splattered in areas which can be seen by the public.

Pest control experts

At Bug Busters, we specialise in providing a range of professional pest control services in the Perth metro area – including treatment and cleaning services for bird related issues at your commercial property. Our experienced technicians have a range of safe and effective treatments available to ensure the issue is dealt with quickly and cleanly. Whether you have a current infestation or want a quick check up, no job is too big or too small. When it comes to commercial properties, we can help you develop tailored pest management solutions for your workplace.

For more information about our professional pest control services, contact Bug Busters today on 9493 1313.