Why Choose Our Pest Control Services

The hospitality sector thrives on impeccable cleanliness and comfort, making effective pest control not just a necessity but a core part of your service promise. Our team offers expert, discreet pest management solutions, and our licensed pest controllers ensure your environment remains inviting and safe. The risks of DIY pest control are significant; professional services provide peace of mind and real results.

Customised Plans for the Hospitality Industry

Each hospitality business is unique, which is why our pest control plans are tailor-made. After a thorough consultation to assess your specific needs, we develop a comprehensive pest management plan that targets your pest concerns without disrupting your business operations.

Clubs and Pubs

Clubs and pubs are prime spots for pest infestations due to frequent patronage and the abundance of food and drink spills, making them critical food premises to maintain. Our approach begins with a thorough inspection to identify potential pest entry points and hot spots.

We then implement targeted treatments during off-hours to avoid disrupting your operations, using discreet methods that keep your environment comfortable and inviting.

Additionally, we offer ongoing monitoring and preventative treatments to ensure that pests do not become a recurring problem, thus maintaining the safety of your venue.


Hotels face unique challenges in pest control, from guest rooms to banquet halls. Our team provides comprehensive pest management plans that include regular inspections of rooms, laundry areas, and food service areas to detect early signs of infestation, ensuring compliance for food businesses.

We use eco-friendly and minimally invasive treatments to ensure the comfort and safety of your guests and staff.

Regular training for hotel staff on pest prevention best practices is also part of our service, empowering your team to maintain high standards between professional treatments.

Caravan Parks

Caravan parks, with their close proximity to nature, require specialised pest control strategies that take into account the surrounding environment.

Our services include creating buffer zones to deter pests, regular checks for nests or signs of pest activity, and environmentally safe treatments to protect both your guests and the local wildlife.

We also provide guidance on landscaping and waste management to reduce pest attraction, ensuring that practicable measures are in place to prevent infestations and that guests enjoy their stay without the inconvenience of pests.

Shopping Centres

For shopping centres, maintaining a pest-free environment is critical to ensuring a positive customer experience and upholding health standards. Our pest control solutions focus on areas of high risk such as food courts and waste disposal areas to prevent pests from becoming a problem.

We implement integrated pest management strategies that include physical barriers, routine inspections, and public health-safe treatments.

Additionally, we work with centre management to educate tenants on practices that minimise pest risks, keeping your facility safe and inviting for shoppers.

Retail Centres

In retail centres, the priority is to protect products and maintain a pristine shopping environment. Our pest control measures include digital pest control solutions that offer remote monitoring and real-time activity detection.

Our pest control measures include discrete monitoring systems that do not interfere with the shopping experience, along with regular inspections and spot treatments as needed. We focus on entry points and storage areas to prevent pest access and infestation.

Our team also offers training for retail staff on how to recognise and report early signs of pest activity, ensuring swift action to mitigate any potential issues.


Supermarkets require stringent pest control measures due to their direct association with food safety, making it of utmost importance to maintain a pest-free environment. We provide comprehensive management plans that cover all aspects of supermarket operations, from storage and shelving to bakery and produce areas.

Our strategies include the use of safe, food-grade treatments and rigorous hygiene practices to prevent any pest-related contamination.

Regular audits are conducted to ensure ongoing compliance with health regulations, helping to maintain the trust and confidence of your customers.