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Winter is here: is your business at risk from rodents?

10 May 2017

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Winter is here and, unfortunately for Perth business owners, so are the rodents. Just like humans, rats and mice tend to migrate inside during the colder weather in search of warmth, food and shelter. This puts Perth’s businesses at a greater risk of rodent infestations during the Winter months. If you run a hospitality business, now is the time to turn up your rodent control efforts and organise that long-awaited commercial pest inspection.

Signs you have a rodent problem

  • Droppings – You can often spot a rodent problem by the tell-tale trail of droppings they leave behind. If you’ve spotted any bite-size ‘presents’ hidden at the back of food cupboards or under the sink, chances are the culprits aren’t too far away.
  • Suspicious smells – Suspicious smells could be one of the more unpleasant signs of a rodent infestation in your commercial property. Rodents have a pretty nasty habit of urinating anywhere they go, leaving behind a rather unpleasant odour. Whilst nasty on the nostrils, this could pose a serious food safety issue for Perth’s restaurants and hospitality businesses.
  • Nesting material – Rodents build their nests from scrap materials such as old newspapers, fabric and leftover debris. If you spot an accumulation of chewed up materials, there’s a fair chance your business has just become home to a family of rodents. If you spot these ‘mouse house’ materials, you will need to organise rodent control with a commercial pest management service. These nests provide the perfect shelter for female mice and rats to breed, so the problem will only multiply if ignored!
  • Damage – Rodents possess sharp teeth and are not afraid to use them. If rodents manage to get their claws (and gnashers) on electric wires and piping, this could cause a serious fire or flood hazard for your business. If you’ve spotted any rat-size bite marks around your commercial property, you will need to notify your local pest control experts before the problem escalates.

Preventative rodent control

Like any commercial pests, the best pest control method for rodents is prevention. Follow these simple steps to reduce the risk of a rodent infestation in your restaurant:

  • Keep a clean kitchen – A little cleaning can go along way when it comes to rodent control. If you want to reduce the risk of rodents munching on your latest menu after hours, you need to maintain a clean and crumb-free commercial kitchen!
  • Seal up crevices – Rats and mice have the ability to squeeze through surprisingly small holes, so don’t ignore those cracks and crevices in your walls and kitchen cupboards. Avoid giving rodents an open invitation into your business by sealing up any potential entry points.
  • Clean up clutter – If you want to prevent rodents setting up home in your restaurant or café, avoid leaving clutter and potential nesting materials lying around. You should also discard any unused cardboard boxes that could provide the perfect ‘hidden home’ for your four-legged guests.
  • Organise regular pest inspections – If you own a restaurant or hospitality business, it’s best practice to organise regular pest inspections with your local pest control service. The commercial pest control experts at Bug Busters will be able to check your restaurant for key signs of potential pest infestations and advise you on how to pest-proof your business against rodents in future.

When to call the experts

If you’ve spotted signs of a rodent infestation in your Perth restaurant, you will need to organise rodent control with your local pest control service. The technicians at Bug Busters have extensive experience in the safe removal of pests from restaurants and commercial properties across Perth.

Contact the team at Bug Busters today to organise your commercial pest removal or inspection service.