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Secretive silverfish and how to prevent them

28 Dec 2016

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Dubbed the ‘secret agent’ of household pests, silverfish are one of the sneakier insects you might find lurking around your Perth home or workplace during this warmer time of year. Whilst these common critters often hide away in the day, you may find them at night feeding on your favourite books and prized possessions. If you’re worried you might have a silverfish infestation, Perth’s professional pest control service are at hand this summer to help keep your belongings safe from hungry creepy crawlies!

What are silverfish?

Silverfish get their name from their grey-silvery metallic colour. These flat-bodied creepy crawlies measure up to 2cm in length, and can often be identified by their three tail strands. Silverfish are nocturnal insects, so you will most likely find these critters lurking around at night (if you can catch them that is – they are also renowned for their quick movements). Although silverfish don’t bite people or carry diseases like some insects, they can become a real pest if they decide to move into your Perth home or business.

Secretive critters

Silverfish are secretive insects, preferring to nestle in dark, damp spaces such as basements, attics, kitchens and bathrooms. They are mainly active at night, and will often hide away in cracks and undercover spaces during the day. They are also big fans of the damp, so you can often find them lurking around in sinks, bathtubs and other humid spaces.

Unusual feeding habits

Silverfish have some pretty interesting eating habits. You can find these critters chomping on anything from fabrics such as linen and silks to materials like glue, books, paper and even other insects. So if you notice mysterious holes in your clothing or half-eaten books in your basement, you may have found the culprits!

Home prevention methods

Silverfish infestations can’t always be prevented, but there are a few steps you can take to reduce the chances of an unwelcome invasion in your Perth home or business. Try to avoid leaving old newspapers, damp clothing and other potential food sources lying around in your garage and other storage areas; regular cleaning will help prevent silverfish invasions by keeping your home and commercial property free from food crumbs and possible insect eggs. As silverfish like to live in damp spaces, opening vents to create air flows in bathrooms and other humid areas will also put the creepy crawlies off moving in.

Knowing when to call the experts

If a family of silverfish have already invaded your Perth home or workplace, it may be time to call in the silverfish control experts. At Perth-based Bug Busters, we offer one-stop solutions to all your pest and rodent problems across the Perth metro area. Our experienced professionals are highly trained in the use of specialist treatments and insect eradication methods; so whatever your problem, our pest control service can offer a quick and reliable solution to all your bug busting needs!

If you think you have a silverfish problem in your Perth home or workplace, contact Bug Busters on 08 9493 1313 or fill out an online enquiry form today.