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Possum not so magic – What to do when possums become a problem

18 May 2016

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With deforestation and a decline in the possum’s habitat, many possums are taking up residence in roofs and crevices of suburban homes, causing a certain amount of destruction in their wake. Possums might look like sweet, doe-eyed, cuddly animals but they can also carry diseases that can be a danger.  As nocturnal creatures, they often have high activity during the night – scurrying about within that roof that you’re trying to sleep under! So what do you do if you discover you’ve got a bit of a possum problem? In some states and territories certain species of possums are protected so it’s important that whatever action you take it doesn’t harm the animal.

Find the entry point

Possums often get into your roof via small openings and cavities. Search around the roof and under the eaves for openings. Possums are generally quite dirty, so look out for a brown stain or smudge near a hole and that’s probably where they’re getting in. Possums will also climb into the roof from low hanging branches close to the roof so look out for these and trim them back if you see any to avoid them regaining access to your roof.

Deter the possums

Once you’ve found the entry point, you want to do whatever you can to deter the possums from the space.

  • Use fruit – lure the possums away from your roof and to another area by placing fruit in another area. While they’re out you’ll be able to put in place deterrents.
  • Place a light in the cavity – possums look for dark, warm spaces in roofs to make their homes for a place to sleep. They don’t like brightly lit areas which is why they are nocturnal animals, sleeping during the day and coming alive at night. If you can place a light in the space, they are less likely to want to go in there.
  • Possum sprays – there are some possum repellent sprays available on the market as well as a few home remedies you can use including smells/tastes possums don’t like which deter them from an area. Ask your local hardware store or nursery for a recommendation
  • Possum spikes – place these around the entry where the possums usually crawl in or along the top of your fence to deter possums from climbing along it and getting into your yard.

Block the entry

You’ll want to block the entry to the holes and cavities you find and it’s best to do this at night when the possums are out exploring or if you’re certain you’ve lured them out.

Use metal sheeting or wood to secure the entry point properly. Possums have a strong grip and sharp claws and can rip off mesh and chicken wire.

Call in an expert

If you’re having trouble getting rid of possums from your home or garden, call in an expert. Bug Busters are a one-stop-shop for all your pest removal needs. Contact Bug Busters today on 08 9493 1313 to get your possum problem under control today.