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What to do if your pet brings in fleas

18 Jan 2017

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Fleas are the last thing on the wish list of Perth’s pet owners this summer. These small, itch-inducing pests are not only detrimental to the health of our furry friends, but they can also prove pretty irritating for humans too. If your efforts to protect your pet against fleas have fallen short during the warmer months, you’ll need to start thinking about pest control methods before a small bite turns into a bigger problem.

Unwelcome house guests

Fleas are sneaky and quick-thinking insects. Although they can’t fly, they will often jump from one host to another in the blink of an eye, meaning your pet could easily catch fleas if they come into contact with another flea-infested friend. Once they’ve taken up residency in an animal’s fur, fleas can become a real problem for Perth home-owners. Not only can they live for several weeks on furry pets such as cats and dogs, but they can also remain dormant on furniture and carpets before deciding to ‘hitch a ride’ on a new host.

Signs of a flea infestation

From itches to infections, flea bites can cause all sorts of problems for our beloved pets. If you’ve noticed any unusual inflammation or hair loss on your furry friend, this could be the result of a flea infestation. Similarly, if your pet is acting strangely or scratching excessively, they may have been ‘bugged’ by a flea (and they might not be the only target…..humans can fall victim to flea bites too!). Whilst fleas often bury themselves deeply in fur, dark specks on your pet’s skin can give away their hiding spots. These aren’t actually the fleas themselves, but the faeces left behind by the troublesome critters (yuck)! 

Fighting against fleas

If you think a flea has set up home in your pet’s fur, you’ll want to deal with the problem before it escalates. You can often buy pills and chemical treatments from your local vet to help your pet fight against infestation. Alternatively, you could use special ‘pet shampoo’ to kill the unwelcome pests (probably not one for your feline friends!). Regularly vacuuming carpets and washing pet blankets will also help kill off any fleas waiting to hitch a lift off your furry pals.

Knowing when to call the experts

Whilst there are several steps you can take to protect your pet from fleas, calling in a flea control expert is the surest way of ensuring that your Perth home is a flea-free zone. At Bug Busters, we have years of experience in dealing with pest problems across Perth. Our professional technicians are trained in the use of reliable and effective pest prevention methods, and can deliver one-stop solutions for any of your bug busting needs.

If you think you have a flea problem at your Perth home, give us a call on 08 9493 1313.