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How to pest proof your Perth home in humid weather

15 Feb 2017

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Perth has become prone to some unusually hot and humid weather conditions in recent weeks. Unfortunately for locals, this kind of weather provides all the elements that Perth pests need for survival. With the humidity reaching it’s peak, it’s prime time for unwanted insect infestations in Perth homes. If you’re planning on avoiding unwelcome guests during the humid weather, it could be time to turn up your pest control efforts and pest proof your home against bothersome bugs.

Perth’s humid loving pests

  • Mosquitoes – During the warmer months, Perth homeowners will often see a rise in the local mosquito population. Throughout summer, any eggs previously laid by the buzzing bugs will hatch, meaning it’s not uncommon to encounter more mozzies at this time of year. Whilst mosquitoes love the heat, they are also big fans of humid weather. Adult mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, so rain and humidity provide the ideal conditions for reproduction. If you plan on avoiding unwanted insect infestations during the increased humidity, you’ll need to ensure your home is drained of any still-standing water and puddles. Clearing any overgrowing vegetation from around your home will also remove a key food source for mosquitoes, ensuring the bugs steer well clear of your property.
  • Cockroaches – Like many insects, these well-known household pests survive best in warm and humid conditions. During humid weather, you can often find cockroaches sneaking around damp  household areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. If you want to avoid an unwanted roach encounter in your Perth home during the humid weather, it’s important to keep moisture levels low in areas such as bathrooms by keeping your home or commercial property well ventilated.
  • Fleas – Fleas are another common pest to look out for during warm and wet weather, with humidity providing the perfect conditions for flea eggs to hatch. Since Perth pet-owners are probably spending more time outdoors during the summer months, pets are more likely to come into contact with flea-infested friends at this time of year. If you want to maintain a flea free home during the humid weather, it’s important to reduce your pet’s contact with any animals that could be carrying fleas. Treating your pets regularly with specialised flea shampoo will also help ensure that your furry friends don’t bring any unwanted pests into the home

Time to call the professionals

If you’ve noticed any unwelcome pests hanging around your Perth home during this humid weather, you may need to call Perth’s pest control professionals to organise a pest inspection and exterminate any resident bugs. At Perth-based Bug Busters, our experienced professionals are trained in the safe removal of unwanted pest and insect infestations. No matter how big your pest problem, you can rest assured we can help pest proof your home. 

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