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Perth’s Common Autumn Pests

5 Aug 2022 | By Bug Busters

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Autumn is a busy time for pest control professionals. As summer draws in and temperatures start to fall, humans aren’t the only ones who like to spend more time inside. Warm homes become attractive to all sorts of pests, offering the ideal conditions to shelter from the cold and extend the breeding season.

At Bug Busters, we’ve been in the Perth pest control business for long enough to know which pests are likely to cause you problems in autumn. If you’re concerned about pests entering your property, read on to find out the common causes—and some quick tips to help you avoid them.


Despite being hard to kill, cockroaches actually have a relatively short lifespan. But, during that time, they can cause plenty of problems—especially with their high reproductive rate. Each female can lay in excess of 120 eggs over the summer season, making autumn the peak season to find cockroaches on your property. 

In search of food, warmth, and moisture, Australian cockroaches will often make their way into your kitchen or bathroom. Known for carrying harmful bacteria, cockroaches can contaminate your food—and your home—with streptococcus, staphylococcus, and salmonella, while triggering asthma attacks and allergic reactions. 

Bug Busters Pro Tip: keep your kitchen and bathroom dry and moisture-free, and secure all open or leftover food (including food waste and pet food).


Here in Australia, termites are more active in summer. But certain species, like the subterranean termite, can still infest your home in the autumn months, especially if you provide them an environment with food and moisture. 

Despite living in colonies below your surface soil, subterranean termites can enter your property in their search for food by exploiting any cracks in your home’s concrete slab—and that’s when the problems begin. 

Once they get into your home, termites often travel around your home undetected, eating through wooden structures, furniture, and walls, while leaving behind expensive damage.

To protect your home from termites, the most effective solutions are termite barriers and termite bait stations. Choosing the most effective option depends on the severity and location of the infestation, and the size and layout of your property.

Bug Busters Pro Tip: termites have the potential to cause serious damage to your property, so we strongly suggest you seek help from our professional pest control team if you suspect their presence.


Unless you bought them as a pet, chances are, any rodents on your property turned up uninvited. Aside from making unwanted noise, contaminating food, and generally being a nuisance, rodents can cause even bigger problems, such as spreading disease or posing a fire risk by chewing through electrical wires.

Unfortunately, warm homes become attractive to rodents during the autumn months, providing ample nesting spots and easy access to food sources (think leftovers, garbage, dirty surfaces, unsealed pet food). 

Because they can squeeze through such tiny gaps, any small hole can be an entry point to your property. From there, rodents will soon find their way between the walls, under floors, into your cupboards, or in your roof space. 

Bug Busters Pro Tip: dispose of food waste properly, keep your garden and outdoor areas clean, and seal any cracks/holes around your doors or windows.

Bed Bugs

With painful bites that can cause blisters and allergic reactions, bed bugs are a highly problematic pest—especially if you regularly have guests or open up your property to sites like Airbnb.

Making their home in furniture, bedding, and clothes, bed bug infestations can be hard to contain (they love to travel), which is why we suggest calling in the help of a professional team. 

Bug Busters: keep your bedding and carpets clean, inspect your furniture and mattresses regularly, and if you spot an infestation, call in the professionals immediately! 

Urgent pest problem? Call Bug Busters today

As the weather cools, there are plenty of pests that want to make your house a home. If left untreated, these pests can spread bacteria, cause expensive structural damage, destroy furniture, and leave a nasty bite. 

Bug Busters’ expert pest control technicians are more than comfortable dealing with Perth’s common autumn pests, so contact us today for a fast, effective solution to all your autumn pest control needs.

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I found the young man named Deryn who came to deal with our rodent problem to be extremely polite, personable and knowledgeable. He was on time and friendly and knew a lot about the behaviours of the rat species. I would highly recommend Bug busters and will definately them for future pest problems when they arise.

Sarah Garrett

Bugbusters installed termite traps around my house and shed many years ago. Every 3 months the traps are inspected for any termite activity. At intervals the house, ceiling and shed are are checked for termites. They have also dealt with wasp infestations and put rat baits in the ceiling.. Their operatives have always been helpful and friendly. I would recommend Bugbusters to anyone.

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I have used Bug Busters on a number of occassions over the last 15 years. The last time only a few days ago.. Derryn was absolutely client focussed; professional; neat and cleaned up impeccably my jarrah floors that had just been re varnished. I have no hesitation to recommend this company.. Five stars from me. Paul Vic Park.

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Staff friendly and courteous and provide excellent customer service. Contractors efficient and knowledgeable and are always willing to provide extra assistance when required. Highly recommend this company for residential and commercial pest treatments.

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