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A quick guide to Perth’s common Autumn pests

29 Mar 2017

Perth’s short-lived summer has come to an end, which only means one thing for lucky Australians – out with the sun, out with the pests. Right? Wrong! Much like humans, Perth’s pests seek two things during Autumn and Winter – warmth and shelter. Unfortunately for Perth homeowners, this means houses become an attractive living space for Perth’s most common critters during the colder months. If you’re struggling with a bug problem this Autumn, the pest control experts at Bug Busters in Osborne park can advise you on ways to rid your home of Perth’s common Autumn pests.

Why you should check for pests before you invest

22 Mar 2017

Buying a house is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make, and a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly by Perth’s homeowners. Before investing, it’s important to know that your prospective home is fault-free and unlikely to cause you problems further down the line. Getting a property inspected for pests before you invest can save potential buyers a lot of financial hassle; after all, you want to know that your new investment is YOUR home, and not home to unwelcome pests that could be costing you thousands of dollars in damage. This is why it’s important to organise a pre-purchase inspection with your local pest control experts before you make the big move.

Five not so fun facts about cockroaches

15 Mar 2017

Cockroaches may be familiar pests to Perth homeowners, but these creepy critters hold a few scary secrets that could come as a surprise to unsuspecting tenants. As the most resilient household pests out there, cockroaches are actually pretty hard to get rid of. Here’s five reasons why you may want to consider turning to Perth’s pest control experts if you’re unlucky enough to come across a cockroach infestation. Cockroach haters – look away now!

Avoiding ant infestations: Brigitte’s story

8 Mar 2017

When Brigitte came back to her home in Osborne Park after a long day at work in Perth’s city centre, she wasn’t expecting to encounter any unwelcome house guests… thousands of them to be exact. Whilst Brigitte and her partner were occupied working the nine to five, a colony of ants were busy invading their new-build apartment in search of food. Luckily for Brigitte, her local pest control experts in Osborne Park were at hand to deal with the situation and offered invaluable advice on how to avoid ant infestations in future.

How to protect your restaurant against pest infestation

1 Mar 2017

With the help of Perth’s commercial pest control experts, you can protect your restaurant from pest infestation and ensure you meet your food safety requirements when it comes to inspection time.

Are you protecting your business against costly termite damage?

22 Feb 2017

Notoriously hard to detect and very destructive, termites can pose serious problems for Perth business owners. Is your business protected?

How to pest proof your Perth home in humid weather

15 Feb 2017

If you’re planning on avoiding unwelcome guests during the humid weather, it could be time to turn up your pest control efforts and pest proof your home against bothersome bugs.

How to rid your home of rodents

8 Feb 2017

When a rodent moves into your Perth property, stolen food could be the least of your worries.

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