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How to Spot a Termite Infestation

22 Jul 2022 | By Bug Busters

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Termites can be difficult to spot, but you’ll soon know if you have them. Accounting for millions of dollars worth of property damage every year across Australia, a termite infestation can lead to a pretty mean repair bill for home or business owners—especially if you leave them long enough to feast their way through your wooden building structure. 

Here at Bug Busters, we have been successfully dealing with termite infestations long enough to spot their six tell-tale signs immediately. Let’s take a look at them in more detail.


Six signs of a termite infestation

Discarded wings

The first thing you’ll usually notice is discarded wings near your windows, doors, or your property foundations (basically, any entry points where termites can get into your home).

This is because swarmers—aka flying termites—will emerge from their nest in large groups in order to find food (your timber structures make the perfect meal), a suitable mate, or a larger nest. Once these termites find what they’re looking for they no longer need to fly and will twist off their wings. 

Mud tunnels

There are many species of termite, one of which is the subterranean termite. As the name suggests, these mites spend a lot of time underground and travel through soil to get to their food sources. 

For protection and humidity as they travel, subterranean termites build pencil-sized mud tubes from a combination of soil and their droppings. With the naked eye, these are easy to spot. You’ll often see them near your building foundations, as this is where subterranean termites will enter your property. 

Bug Busters Pro Tip: termites love moisture-rich environments, so eliminate those environments from your property by storing firewood, mulch, or wood chips away from your home. Also, rectify any dripping water taps or aircon units.

Cracked, hollowed, or blistered wood

If you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself with cracked or hollowed wood in your home—whether in your furniture, skirting boards, floorboards, or timber structural supports—it’s likely a termite infestation. 

Termites are attracted to cellulose, which is why they consume wood from the inside out (and also why those unexplained cracks may have appeared in your walls).
Once termites have eaten all they can, they leave behind a thin veneer of timber. If you tap on the affected wood and hear a hollow sound, it’s termite damage. 

A clicking noise

Termites communicate through vibrations and noise. They use organs in their antenna and tibia to communicate with their colony, and will also bang their heads against the wall to signal danger. 

So, if you can hear a clicking noise coming from your walls or furniture, it’s time to call in the professional termite inspectors

Termite droppings (aka “Frass”)

Finding piles of sawdust around your property, but haven’t been woodworking? Chances are, it’s not actually sawdust, but termite droppings, also known as “frass”. 

We mentioned earlier how subterranean termites will create mud tunnels from their droppings. Other species, such as drywood termites, push their droppings out of holes near the entrances to their nest. You can spot them from the black marks or powdery substance they leave behind. 

Stuck windows or doors

Many property owners initially put stiff windows or doors down to damp or humid weather. But, this can actually be a sign of a termite infestation.

As they eat their way through wood—in this case your window frames and doors—termites produce moisture. Over time, this causes the wood to warp, making them tough to open. If you notice these signs, give us a call!

Worried about termites?

Spotting any of the above signs of termite activity can be worrying. You might be having nightmare thoughts of destroyed building structures, ruined furniture, and massive repair bills… But, don’t panic! With our Perth pest control experts, termite infestations are treatable, and our team will always find the most effective treatment plan for your needs. 

As a final word of advice: avoid the temptation to try to eliminate the termites yourself. Termites are sensitive to disruption and may move to another spot in your house. Instead, we suggest you seal any obvious termite holes with tape and then call on a termite control specialist

Contact our expert team today for a fast, effective termite solution!

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Bugbusters installed termite traps around my house and shed many years ago. Every 3 months the traps are inspected for any termite activity. At intervals the house, ceiling and shed are are checked for termites. They have also dealt with wasp infestations and put rat baits in the ceiling.. Their operatives have always been helpful and friendly. I would recommend Bugbusters to anyone.

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