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Household Hotspots for Perth’s Autumn Pests

20 Apr 2017

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We are now well into the autumn season, meaning you should be fortifying your home or business against Perth’s common  pests. With the cool change in weather, pests are beginning to look for a warm spot to nest during the winter season. With help from Perth’s pest control experts, you can safeguard your home this Autumn against unwanted insect invasions. Here are some common Autumn pests you should be regularly checking your home for.

Rattling in the roof

Have you started to notice a rattling or scratching sound coming from above your head? The bad news is, it’s not always the wind, and this could be an indicator of an unwanted guest roosting upstairs. The inside of your roof is an ideal spot for Perth pests to hide as it is a difficult place to monitor. Common roof nesters could include mice or rats. Not only do rodents leave faeces everywhere, they have a nasty habit of chewing holes in things, and don’t mind munching on electrical cables or household wiring – a costly problem to replace. Another common pest problem potentially located in your home’s roof is the dreaded termite. As any homeowner knows, termites are bad news. If you suspect you have a termite infestation, you will need to get your local Perth pest control experts to assess the problem quickly.  

Biting in the bed

As you are adding an extra blanket to your bed to keep warm, make sure to check for an extra clingy critter. Bed bugs are one tough pest to get rid of, so ensure you are regularly checking your belongings for these biting bugs, especially if you are coming back from a trip away. If you have noticed something going bump in the night, you will need to get your local pest experts in to safely fumigate your bedroom.

Bugs in the bathroom

You should always leave the bathroom feeling clean and refreshed. However, nothing will make you feel dirtier than a cockroach nest in the tub. Cockroaches are prone towards warm, wet areas just like your bathroom. Unfortunately, if you spot one, chances are there’s plenty more where that came from. Bug Busters will be able to deal with the pest problem and rid your home of those terrible roaches.

Critters in the Kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the household, where people come together to eat and talk. Unfortunately, it is also a hotspot for Perth’s autumn pests. From the little mouse to its much more unpleasant relative (the rat), rodents are a common problem in kitchens due to the readily available leftover food and crumbs. If you believe you have a rodent problem in your kitchen, be sure to act fast as they are crawling with germs and diseases. Just imagine them crawling over the kitchen table where you eat… you may lose your appetite. Another common kitchen critter is the cockroach. Just like rodents, cockroaches are carriers of germs and bacteria that you definitely don’t want around your food. Mortein should be avoided in this area, as the fumes are toxic and last for a lot longer than the first spray. Bug Busters are able to remove roaches safely, without endangering your health.

Preventative pest control for the home

There are simple steps you can take to protect your household from pest infestation, but it’s always safer and more effective to prevent pest problems before they occur by enlisting the help of Perth pest control professionals. At Bug Busters in Osborne Park, our technicians have years of experience protecting homes across Perth from insect infestations. We are able to carry out routine pest inspections and preventative pest control treatments to stop pests before they get the chance to invade your home. At Bug Busters, we understand the importance of protecting your household against unwanted Autumn pests and we can offer you tailored pest control services to suit your individual needs.

Want to prevent your Perth home against unwanted household pests this Autumn? Call Bug Busters today on 08 9493 1313 to organise an inspection with your local experts.