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Avoiding ant infestations: Brigitte’s story

8 Mar 2017

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When Brigitte came back to her home in Osborne Park after a long day at work in Perth’s city centre, she wasn’t expecting to encounter any unwelcome house guests… thousands of them to be exact. Whilst Brigitte and her partner were occupied working the nine to five,  a colony of ants were busy invading their new-build apartment in search of food. Luckily for Brigitte, her local pest control experts in Osborne Park were at hand to deal with the situation and offered invaluable advice on how to avoid ant infestations in future.

Common sources of ant infestations

Identifying the source of the ant infestation in Brigitte’s home wasn’t difficult. Ants work together in numbers when it comes to sourcing food, so the technicians at Bug Busters simply had to follow the telling trail of ants to locate the source of infestation – pet food. Unfortunately for Brigitte’s dog Rocco, this family of ants had taken a liking to his tasty treats, and were busy transporting his food back to their colony when Brigitte arrived home. The local pest control experts at Bug Busters were able to treat the apartment immediately to exterminate the ant colony, and also provided Brigitte with some top tips on how to avoid common sources of ant infestations in future.

  • Pet food – It may not seem appealing to homeowners, but pet food commonly attracts ants and other pests. To prevent unwelcome infestations, avoid leaving your pet’s uneaten food lying around for long periods of time and store any treats in sealed containers.
  • Sugary spillages – Your spilt drink or sugary leftovers may seem harmless at the time, but your spillage could be providing a key food source for nearby ant colonies. Make sure you clean up any spilt crumbs and liquids straight away to avoid unwanted pest infestations.
  • Rubbish bins – Your rubbish is the equivalent of an all-you-can-eat buffet for ants. To avoid ant infestations, make sure you are emptying rubbish bins regularly to remove potential food sources.
  • Open containers – Ants are experts at sourcing out leftovers and can locate food simply by smell. Sealing leftover food in air-tight containers is an easy way to put the creepy crawlies off the scent (literally).

Safe pest control treatments

Whilst Brigitte wanted her pest problem solved as quickly as possible, she had one key concern when it came to the pest control treatment:

“We wanted to ensure our dog was properly protected during the pest control process. The technicians at Bug Busters were really helpful in advising us on how best to protect pets during treatment.” 

With Brigitte’s concern in mind, the pest control experts at Bug Busters were able to make an informed decision on the safest pest products to use around Rocco. They also offered Brigitte some key advice on how to protect pets both throughout and after pest treatments.

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At Bug Busters in Osborne Park, our experienced technicians are trained in the use of safe and effective pest control treatments. From ant invasions to rodent control, we have Perth homeowners covered for all their pest control needs.

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