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5 Deadliest pests you’ll find in your home

8 Jun 2016

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Pests can not only be annoying and destructive, but they can also pose a threat to your health, safety and hygiene. Here’s our list of the top 5 unwanted invaders in your home.

1. Wasps and bees

The obvious threats with wasps and bees is their ability to sting people. Many of us are allergic to bee’s stings, which is why they can be deadly as well as incredibly painful. Wasps and bees also have the ability to swarm people in defence if they feel threatened. A wasp can in fact keep stinging you in defence and even recruit other wasps to help, whilst a bee will likely die after it delivers its painful sting. If you come across a bee or wasp nest (also watch out for these in the ground) on your property ensure you don’t approach it. Call in experts to remove it safely for you.

2. Termites

You may question why termites are on the list of deadly pests, however it’s not what they can do to you that’s deadly, it’s what they can do to your home. By feasting away at the wood in your home, they can cause it to weaken and in-turn break away causing potentially dangerous structural damage. There have been reported cases of roofing falling down on families in the middle of the night or people falling through decking and injuring themselves severely.

3. Rodents

Rodents multiply quickly and are swift to get into your food stocks, leaving behind droppings and holes in food packets as signals they are around. Their quick breeding means you can have an out-of-control infestation in your home and within your walls and cupboards before you know it. Mice and rats can carry bacteria, diseases, and viruses that can be harmful to humans. Hence if you have an infestation, make sure you have them expertly removed as even once dead, they can still be very harmful to humans.

4. Bed bugs

Bed bugs may not kill you, but they sure will make you uncomfortable and itchy! The common bed bug likes to feed on human blood. You won’t feel the bite at first, but markings and welts will appear after a day or so and will become itchy. Bed bugs are a nuisance as they can go unnoticed and spread from luggage, used couches or beds, and clothing. They will live in groups within mattresses, bed frames and spring boards and come out at night to bite their victims. Bed bugs are also notoriously hard to get rid of and can keep coming back if not removed properly.

5. Spiders

Spiders can inflict dangerous, sometimes life threatening, and painful bites to their victims, especially here in Australia. If you have infestation of any spider, it’s important to get rid of them swiftly. If you’re seeing unusually high amounts of webs around your home you might have a problem, especially in autumn when temperatures drop and they look for warmer places to hide and breed and eat.

It’s important when dealing with pests, especially deadly ones or one that can threaten your health and safety, to leave it to the professionals to break their life cycle and get them under control.

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