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Rodents are highly destructive creatures creating enormous damage and spreading diseases. Their excreta and hair contaminates food, causing poisoning and economic loss. Rat colonies damage and foul buildings and furnishings. Their odour is unpleasant to live with. Rats normally come out at night and usually are not seen unless they are very hungry or present in large numbers. The damage they can do is almost unbelievable at times. They have to keep gnawing to prevent their incisor (biting) teeth from growing too long.

Indoors, they will attack the building itself, gnawing lead, aluminium and chewing through wiring causing short circuits and fires. Rats are usually scavengers eating any available food lying around. They are known to attack small animals and at times, even children. Two main signs that indicate rodents are present is evidence of droppings and squeaking, gnawing or movement noises in walls, cupboards, ceilings and under floors.

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We had a Termite Inspection & Cockroach Treatment on Monday and I just wanted to email you and let you know that your operator was great. It's not often that you get great customer service these days, so I thought I'd email you and let you know that he did a great job and went out of his way to be helpful and informative. Thank you.
Sheri, Carlisle