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The top 3 pests hiding in your workplace

2 Nov 2016

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Pests in the workplace can cause serious issues. Not only can they cause damage, they can also spread disease and cause health problems. Unfortunately, a lot of workplaces underestimate just how many pests might be lurking. And it doesn’t help that many pests are lurking in the office without anyone knowing. Let’s take a look at the sneaky pests which could be hiding out in your workplace.

Top 3 sneaky pests

1. Rats and mice

Workplaces are often the perfect habitats for rats and mice. With plenty of room in the roof and walls, access to food left in the kitchen and desks, and the ability to roam undisturbed after hours, there’s little wonder that rodents can make themselves right at home in the office. Rats and mice will make themselves scarce during the day and can often go undetected for quite some time. Keep an eye out for tell-tale chew marks and droppings around the office as this can point to a rodent infestation.

2. Cockroaches

While some of us have experienced the shock of seeing a scuttling cockroach race across the kitchen floor at work, it’s often very difficult to gauge just how many cockroaches are in the workplace as they hide away from light and noise. Cockroaches are often an issue in office buildings and can thrive on the food scraps which are inevitably lying around at night. With most office buildings being unoccupied in the evenings, there’s ample opportunity for cockroaches to roam.

3. Termites

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your office space is immune from attacks by termites. Although building regulations make it more difficult for workplaces to be infiltrated be termites, you still need to ensure that regular inspections take place. This is particularly important for older buildings or businesses which operate out of converted residential properties.

Dealing with sneaky pests

As you can see, just because you can’t see pests in the workplace doesn’t mean they’re not there. There are a few simple strategies you can employ in the workplace to keep it pest free. These include:

  • Cleaning up food scraps – Clean up any food debris in the kitchen and around your workspace.
  • Having secure lids for bins – Pests love nothing more than raiding bins for food and nesting material so investing in lids is a great idea.
  • Do the dishes – Food debris attracts pests so clean your plates and cups as soon as you can.

When it comes to dealing with pests in the workplace, it’s important to have a regular treatment schedule in place to deal with infestations. Your technician can take care of corporate pest control by conducting regular checks of your office and making sure appropriate treatments are utilised to deal with infestations.

At Bug Busters, we are a Perth based business providing a one stop shop for pest control solutions. From dealing with infestations to conducting regular checks, our experienced technicians can help. Whatever your pest concern, we have safe and effective treatments which are right for you.

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