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Shoo fly – How to control the summer fly plague

29 Sep 2016

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With summer upon us comes the inevitable surge of flies. They love the warmer weather and enjoy feeding on our BBQ scraps and sweet treats left out in the open during the summer months. Flies can also be a nuisance and health hazard for restaurants and businesses. So what can you do to protect your home and business from a fly invasion this season? Here’s some easy ways to control the flies.

Health risks associated with flies

We all know how annoying flies can be, however these pests can also be detrimental to the health of your family, pets, and also customers if you run a business. Flies can carry bacteria, spread diseases and they also bite. So if you see multiple flies hanging around, it may be time to treat the problem.

Flies generally regurgitate or make secretions wherever they land, therefore they can leave behind some nasty diseases such as typhoid, salmonella, dysentery, cholera, E.coli, and tuberculosis amongst other pathogens. As flies are attracted to sitting on or near rubbish, animal waste, faeces, and decomposing matter, they can also mechanically carry across diseases and bacteria which they have come to contact with.

Flies and fly control

Think you might have a fly problem? If you have seen more flies than usual around your home or business, spotted maggots, or seen patches of dark spots, then you might be dealing with a fly infestation. Watch areas such as bins, wastage spaces, light fittings, damp areas, corners, and even plants.

When it comes to getting rid of flies, it’s first important to know what type of fly you’re dealing with. Once identified, they can be controlled with the right pest control treatment. It’s important to eradicate both the larvae as well as the flies themselves to stop the lifecycle of the infestation. Flies can multiply especially fast in summer months, with a 7-day lifespan.

Different types of flies you might spot around summer time include fruit flies, blow flies, bush flies, house flies, flesh flies, and sand flies amongst others.

Fly prevention methods

  • Cover bins and waste areas
  • Use fly screens on doors and windows
  • Close doors quickly, in particular when cooking inside
  • Clean up outside, especially after pets, pet food and scraps
  • Don’t leave water sitting around outside
  • Keep drains and ponds clean, and consider getting some goldfish to eat any larvae
  • Make sure that you keep your home clean, and wipe down surfaces after swatting flies also
  • Pick away over-ripe fruit on trees
  • You can use home-made deterrents such as vinegar and eucalyptus to deter flies from entering your home

Flies bugging you?

If the flies are multiplying and you can’t quite handle it, throw the problem over to the experts at Bug Busters. We’ll ensure to fly-proof your home, eradicate eggs and larvae, and prevent them from coming back with safe and effective pest control and monitoring. Contact Bug Busters today on 9493 1313 or fill in in our online enquiry form to book a professional pest control visit today.