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Do you recognise the early signs of spider infestation?

8 Sep 2016

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Spiders are a creepy, crawly, hairy, beady-eyed pests that many people develop a severe distain for. Some spiders are harmless, others deadly, however all can become a pest in and around your home or business. Here are some of the important signs to watch out for so that you can identify when you’re nearing an infestation of these eight-legged pests.

Where are they hiding?

First of all you’ll need to know where to look in order to identify if you have a spider infestation. Places to look for spiders and webs include corners, window sills, ceilings, outdoor furniture, the ground, near sprinklers, crevices and gaps, garden sheds, basements, attics, closets, storage boxes and storage areas.

Spiders will make a home and hideout in dark and sometimes damp places where they can access a food supply of ants, flies, or other insects.

Spider webs

If you start to see more spider webs around your home or office, backyard, in the garden, around eves, or on window sills, then you may have an issue. Spider webs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes depending on the type of spider, look for small delicate webs, large expansive webs, and even funnel shaped webs.

Spider eggs

Spiders usually mate around autumn when the temperature starts to get a bit cooler. They will mate and then lay eggs into a silk spun sac. Each sac can contain around 100 eggs. You’ll find these sacs attached to surfaces, on webs, or carried by the mother spider herself. If you see spider egg sacs, expect that you may soon have a spider infestation!

More spiders

If you’re seeing more spiders around your home or business, it’s likely they are multiplying or hiding on the premises. Many people suffer from a fear of spiders, therefore a spider infestation can have a large impact on your business in particular if there are employees and customers around. It’s important to treat any spider infestations professionally in order to avoid the risk of spider bites and also to avoid deterring customers.

More spiders can also mean that they have been attracted to another type of pest on your premises which they are feeding on, indicating another pest problem. It’s best to contact a professional pest control service in this case in order to identify your pests, and also to ensure your own safety against potentially venomous spiders.


At Bug Busters we help to protect your Perth home and business against infestations of spiders in Perth, we can also help to eradicate existing spider problems.

We use safe and effective treatments around the home or office and can perform careful inspections for spiders and other pests. Contact Bug Busters today on 9493 1313 or fill in in our online enquiry form to book a professional pest control visit today.