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Pest hot spots – Where are the pests lurking in your home

27 Jul 2016

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By the time you’ve noticed an influx in pests around the house, you might already have an infestation. When it comes to dealing with pests around the home, the earlier you deal with the problem the better as it means the unwelcome guests have less time to cause damage.

Skirting boards

The skirting boards around your home are popular places for pests to live as they hide in the space between the board and the wall or the gap where the skirting meets the floor. Fabric pests and cockroaches are common pests which hide around your skirting boards. You may find evidence of insect debris in the form of faeces, skin and eggs, particularly in the corners of the skirting.

Under furniture

Many pests around your home like a quiet, dark environment and take refuge under your furniture. This is particularly the case with heavy furniture such as sofas or heavy wooden items which are rarely moved. Take the time to look under your furniture for evidence of pests such as skin cases, dead insects and other debris. If you see live insects scuttle away, it’s a definite sign that you might need a professional pest inspection.

Roof space and walls

The roof space and inside walls is a popular hiding space for rodents such as rats and mice as well as larger animals like possums. You may suspect you have pests in your roof or walls if you can hear scrabbling and other noises, particularly at night. Rodents will often make nests in the insulation and can cause extensive damage.

Pet food

Many household pests will treat your pet’s food as a smorgasbord if given the chance with ants and cockroaches being main perpetrators. Ants will often build their colonies outside the property but are ingenious when it comes to finding their way inside to have a go at the pet food. Keep a close eye on pet food bowls to see if there are pests lurking.


General clutter around the home office, such as stacks of paperwork, newspapers and boxes, are very tempting for household pests and are great hiding spots for silverfish, cockroaches and spiders. You can usually spot evidence of these pests if you shift or lift some of the clutter.


Fabric pests love nothing more than to hang out in wardrobes so they can snack on clothes and textiles. You may find moths flying away when you enter your wardrobe and notice tell-tale holes in some of your clothing. You can also check the corners of your wardrobe for insect debris.

At Bug Busters, we offer professional pest control services across the Perth metro area. We use a number of safe and effective treatments to rid your home or business from unwanted visitors and can also conduct regular inspections to ensure your property remains pest free. For quality treatments and reliable service, speak to one of our friendly technicians.

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