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Perth’s most common pest problems: Is your home at risk?

19 Aug 2016

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Perth is a great place to live and raise a family – after all, you can’t beat the beaches and laid back lifestyle. However, like anywhere, living in Perth means your home is vulnerable to infestation from various pests, some more often than others. Let’s take a look at some of the most common pests found in Perth homes.

Perth pests – A closer look

Ants – In Perth homes, it often takes something as small as a few crumbs left on the kitchen bench to find a lengthy ant trail the next morning. Although ant infestations are more common in summer, they can cause issues in the home all year round and can also cause unsightly mounds of sand to appear around the perimeter of the home. Make sure you keep all food items sealed and keep surfaces clear of debris to deter ants.

Mosquitos – Nothing spoils a balmy Perth evening outside than the annoying whining sounds and the tell-tale itch around the ankles which announces that the mosquitoes have arrived. As the weather heats up, mosquitoes move in and are annoying for pets as well as people. Make sure you keep stocked up with mosquito coils and repellent to avoid the irritation of mosquitoes.

Flies – ‘The flies are bad this year’ is a phrase which is often heard if you live in Perth. Although flies are expected in the warmer months, there’s nothing more frustrating than spending all day making sure no flies sneak through an open door or chasing them through the house with fly spray. Flies can also cause issues for your pets as they can bite and cause infections. Make sure you have secure flyscreens over all windows and keep rubbish clear from the perimeter of the house to avoid attracting flies.

Cockroaches – Another pest that is common to Perth homes are cockroaches and it’s a sure sign that you have a problem when you see a cockroach run for cover when you turn on the light. In between pest inspections, have some cockroach baits on hand and keep food items sealed and secured.

Expert pest control services

Luckily, all of the above pest problems can be quickly and efficiently dealt with by pest treatments. When it comes to Perth pest problems, you need to call on a professional pest control service to deal with any infestations and for regular check-ups before the issue gets out of hand.

At Perth based Bug Busters, we are a one stop shop when it comes to expert pest control services. We use a range of safe and effective treatments to rid your home of any unwelcome pests and to get infestations under control. We also provide commercial pest control for commercial businesses and can help with a treatment plan for your office space. Whatever the pest, our qualified and experienced pest control experts can help.

To discuss pest control solutions for your home or office, contact Bug Busters today on 9493 1313 or fill in our online enquiry form.