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The Perth pests most dangerous to your pets

5 Sep 2016

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If you’ve got a fury friend at home such as a cat, dog, bird, guinea pig or other pet, you’ll know that making sure their environment is pest-free is just as important as making sure your home is. Some pests can be very harmful and sometimes deadly to your pets, which is why careful and safe pest control treatment at home is important. Here are the most dangerous pests affecting your pets in Perth, as well as some simple steps you can take to protect their health and safety.


Fleas are the most common pest to affect your pets. They can cause itching and discomfort to your dog and yourself when they bite. The fleas will lay eggs and spread very fast. They can also cause skin conditions such as dermatitis in humans and animals.

Fleas are known for their ability to jump from their carrier, so once in your home, they can easily be transferred from your pet to your furniture or mattresses which will require immediate pest control action.


Ticks latch onto anything with a heartbeat, be it a human or your pet, and proceed to feed off the blood. They can spread disease to humans and animals due to their blood contact. As they feed they will become larger and larger, and your pet sicker and sicker. It’s important to check your pet for ticks often, especially after they’ve been in grassy or wooded areas.


There are a variety of different types of mites that can affect your pets, generally found outdoors, which can cause itching and red irritation of the fur and skin. In severe cases your pet may be affected by mange which includes symptoms of irritation, hair loss, and inflammation of the skin. Mange is highly contagious and you should seek immediate veterinarian assistance if you suspect they are affected.


Spider bites to your pets can cause severe symptoms due to their small size. In Western Australia, and Perth in particular, keep pets away from Redback Spiders, Widow Spiders, Funnel Web Spiders, Black House Spiders, White Tail Spiders, and Wolf Spiders. Bites can be venomous and lead to death, take your pet to a vet that stocks anti-venom immediately if your pet displays swelling, weakness, lack of coordination, respiratory problems, or tremors.


The humble Aussie mozzie does not discriminate where it feeds from. Make sure your home is mosquito free with fly screens and the correct pest control treatments to protect your pets from itching and potential blood-borne viruses.

Pest control at home for your pets

Protecting your pets with anti-parasite treatments and vaccines is a must, however sometimes it’s hard to control their environment. You can keep your pets as safe as possible with regular home pest control treatments against parasites, spiders, and mosquitos. Bug Busters uses safe and effective treatments around the home and can perform inspections for pests. Contact Bug Busters today on 9493 1313 or fill in in our online enquiry form to book a professional pest control visit today.