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How to make sure your business is a cockroach-free zone

9 Nov 2016

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Out of all of the office pests which make themselves at home in the workplace, cockroaches are one of most common tenants. Some businesses find themselves fighting an ongoing battle to keep cockroaches away from their premises, and they are particularly prevalent coming into the summer months.

Today, we’ll be looking at how you can keep your business a cockroach-free environment and also discuss when it’s time to call in the professionals.

What’s so bad about cockroaches?

Although it’s difficult for people to accept when cockroaches are almost universally disliked, they are actually relatively harmless compared to other pests in that they don’t sting or bite. Cockroaches may not bite but the real problem is that they spread disease and employees don’t appreciate having their workspaces raided by hungry cockroaches when they’re not there. Also, the reputation of your business can be seriously impacted by cockroach sightings. This is particularly the case in the food industry where one sighting can have serious implications.

Keep cockroaches away

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to cockroaches and there are a few ways you can deter them from the office. Cockroaches like to be around food sources and the quiet, dark office environment at night gives them plenty of opportunities to forage.

Workplace kitchens are notoriously difficult to keep tidy but it’s essential that food is cleared away at the end of each day. Make sure all bins have tightly sealed lids to deter cockroaches from climbing inside and arrange for shelves and cupboards to be cleaned regularly in the kitchen. Make sure employees keep all food tightly sealed rather than loose in their desks. As general maintenance, make sure cracks and crevices are filled in as they are ideal hiding spots for cockroaches.

You can also buy cockroach baits and place them discreetly in spots where cockroaches frequent, such as under furniture and around the kitchen. Make sure you replace them regularly as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Call in the professionals

As we’ve discussed, there are some steps you can take to keep cockroaches at bay. However, you need to make sure you call on professional pest control technicians if you’re worried about an infestation in your workplace. If you’re noticing evidence of cockroaches or there are sightings during the day, it’s time to call a pest control service. They will be able to safely and quickly eradicate cockroaches and conduct regular inspection to make sure cockroach numbers are under control.

At Bug Busters, we specialise in a range of pest control solutions in the Perth area. From rodents and birds to termites and ants, we’re a one stop shop when it comes to commercial pest control. Our experienced technicians provide safe and effective treatments for your business and can set up an inspection schedule to ensure your business remains a pest-free zone.

For more information about Perth cockroach and pest control solutions, contact Bug Busters today on 9493 1313.