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Bed bug bites: how to know when you’ve been bitten

17 May 2017

There’s nothing better than settling down for a good night’s sleep on a cold Winter’s night – unless you’re joined by some uninvited house guests! Bed bugs are the vampires of the pest world and, unfortunately for us, their favourite meal is human blood. If you’re waking up to unwelcome itches, here’s how to know if you’ve been bitten by bed bugs.

Winter is here: is your business at risk from rodents?

10 May 2017

Winter is here and, unfortunately for Perth business owners, so are the rodents. Just like humans, rats and mice tend to migrate inside during the colder weather in search of warmth, food and shelter. This puts Perth’s businesses at a greater risk of rodent infestations during the Winter months. If you run a hospitality business, now is the time to turn up your rodent control efforts and organise that long-awaited commercial pest inspection.

Eight unusual facts about termites

3 May 2017

Dubbed the ‘silent destroyers’, termites have been known to wreak havoc on residential and commercial properties. These common critters can create a nightmare for property owners due to their ability to cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to Australian homes and businesses. Although they are one of Perth’s most common residential and commercial pests, there are a few things you may not know about troublesome termites.

Five creepy insect horror movies

26 Apr 2017

If there is one thing that gets the blood pumping it’s a good scary film, but horror movies have an extra fear factor when they include real life monsters – creepy crawlies! This list of movies is sure to get your skin crawling. Be careful, you never know what is lurking in the top of a cupboard or in the bottom of your shoe….

Household Hotspots for Perth’s Autumn Pests

20 Apr 2017

We are now well into the autumn season, meaning you should be fortifying your home or business against Perth’s common pests. With the cool change in weather, pests are beginning to look for a warm spot to nest during the winter season. With help from Perth’s pest control experts, you can safeguard your home this Autumn against unwanted insect invasions. Here are some common Autumn pests you should be regularly checking your home for.

Bed Bug prevention tips

12 Apr 2017

Bed bugs are the last thing you want to encounter when you cosy down for a good night’s sleep. These pesky critters can leave unlucky hosts with some pretty itchy bites and pose a serious problem for Perth’s home and hotel owners. Whilst you’ll need to call your Perth pest control experts if you’ve spotted an infestation, the best way to avoid bed bugs is to prevent them from biting in the first place!

Pest prevention tips for your business

5 Apr 2017

Whether it be contaminated food in your restaurant or termite damage to the office, insect infestations can cause serious trouble in the workplace. If you’ve come across a pest infestation in your commercial property, you should contact Perth’s commercial pest control experts to deal with the problem straight away. However, if your business is yet to experience an insect invasion, here are a few pest prevention tips to help you keep Perth’s pests at bay.

A quick guide to Perth’s common Autumn pests

29 Mar 2017

Perth’s short-lived summer has come to an end, which only means one thing for lucky Australians – out with the sun, out with the pests. Right? Wrong! Much like humans, Perth’s pests seek two things during Autumn and Winter – warmth and shelter. Unfortunately for Perth homeowners, this means houses become an attractive living space for Perth’s most common critters during the colder months. If you’re struggling with a bug problem this Autumn, the pest control experts at Bug Busters in Osborne park can advise you on ways to rid your home of Perth’s common Autumn pests.

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